Custom Curtains…

I found this pin and decided to try it.  It turned out super cute and have endured the test of time.  Thought for sure they would get “wrecked” in my kid home, but to my surprise they have lasted!!

Here are some photos from my project.  I used a 3 Doors Down song that my now husband and I listened to when we were dating.  We both feel like we were falling in love with each other during this time.  However, I am thinking about selling them with the idea that you could ask to have your special song, poem or reading printed.  **I haven’t had to wash them so do not know if they will stand the washing machine or if they will start to fade.  Hasn’t faded from the sun.

Custom Curtain #2


Attempting to line it up straight on my kitchen counter…

Photo Oct 18, 10 49 39 AM

But it wasn’t long enough so I switched to the dining room table.  I used a long piece of modeling I used for my photography to help keep the script in line.

Photo Oct 18, 2 05 41 PM

Cut little slits at the top and using some of the extra material I tied loops at the top to hang them with.

Here a picture of how they turned out hanging up.  They block out the sun better than I expected!

Another photo.  Sorry the pictures aren’t too good.  I have an older iPhone (but not for long)!!

My mom suggested that I make matching lamp shade covers!  What a fabulous idea!  Add that to my to do list.

Question:  why is it on the weekends the kids are up early bugging you for this or that.  But on a school day it’s impossible to get them out of bed!!!  Where’s that in the Human Handbook?

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