Little change

So, two of my boys moved to Colorado to go to school and my oldest daughter is barley at home also due to school and work (older kids known as the “bigs”).  As well as my youngest daughter and son are now in school all day (known as the “littles”), which leaves me with a lot more time in my day.

With that, I have decided with my spare time I will start recycling!!!  We always did a little recycling before, but we never split up the household daily trash.

Okay, so…  with that being said, I made one of my trash cans regular trash and the other one recycling.  How on Earth am I going to not only explain but teach my 5 yr old son what to recycle and which trash can to use?!?

Placing creative thinking cap on my cut wedge haircut head, I started brainstorming ideas.  I didn’t want to write on the trash cans with sharpie pen which would make me commit to a lifestyle change the “littles” might not be ready for.  Yet I wanted to do something that expressed my creativity.

Drum roll please…


Okay explanation:  About a year ago I purchased chalkboard paper (purchased at Michaels for $9.99)  It looks like a roll of wrapping paper.  I simply put down a large cereal bowl (had to clean some fruit loops out of the bowl first – story of my life), drew a circle around the bowl and cut it out, twice.  Stuck the circle with Elmers Adhesive Spray (this stuff is extremely sticky and is hard to get off other surfaces – learned that the hard way).  Wrote the labels and dots with a chalkboard pen (miracle invention right there folks).  I purchased the at Target for $5.99.

I know it’s not one of my hardest creations, but hey.  I didn’t find it on Pinterest, I came up with it all by my lonesome.  Besides, every little change makes a difference!


Well there it is folks!!


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