Christmas Bows how I ❤️ thee!!

Wow, can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?  How did that happen!!!  Well unlike other years in the past, I am almost done with ALL my Christmas shopping!  Yep!  Super proud of myself.  However, I can not say the same about my Christmas decorating.  It’s an on-going affair.

I did get my window boxes done, put some white lights on some shrubs, as well as our first real live Christmas tree fully decorated.  I have a few other projects that still need to be completed.  First, making Christmas bows (I switch them out almost every year).  Nope!  Not a piggy bank braker (I know mom that isn’t a word but it sounded cute).  So please put down the piggy bank back on the shelf and put the hammer away.

I simply shop for Christmas ribbon that is on sale (thanks for all the apps notifying me every time anything goes on sale in a 60 mile radius). Kidding of course, no not really.  I purchased that cheese Deluxe E-Z Bow Maker thing a few years ago and away I went!  Here is this years themed bows.

This one will be going on my mailbox next to the cute snowman I got for 50% off (again with the app from Michaels, or was it JoAnn??)

On to the next project!  Christmas tree burlap wrapped outdoor thing.  I will upload more photos when it stops raining.

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