Awesome Dresser Makeover

My lovely daughter wanted a beach theme for you home.  So, I put my thinking hat on and spent a few hours in hobby lobby.  I noted that this dresser had a ton of pulls and handles on it.  I would prefer to keep this under budget because that is why we are actually re-doing furniture, correct??

So, I purchased the cute draw pulls at the top and chalk painted them white.  Then I purchased cheaper metal handles and wrapped them in rope.  Next I purchased nautical rope from Michaels and made my own handles!  Here I am testing it out to see if it would even work…

Notice I wrapped tape around the end of the rope so that I can thread it easier.  VERY EASY!

I then filled the holes on my old dresser with caulking and sanded it down.

Chalk painted with Old White Anne Sloan paint and Provence.  After two coats of paint, I buffed on clear wax.  Anchored to the wall and here it is!!


Turned out perfect!!  Let me know what you think….


Just Carina

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