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Welcome!!!  The forecast in Crown Point is snow and a low of 28. Not exactly ideal. Why not steal away to paradise?? Okay, sign me up. I love the tropics. I swear I am part mermaid. My nickname as a child was fish… No, I am not kidding.

But, living in Indiana well, no ocean near by causes a problem for this saltwater lover. But that doesn’t stop my creative mind bringing the tropics to my dwelling OR heart.  Now I can’t really plant palm trees in the front yard, but adding shutters, window boxes and lots of green foliage would definitely be a good place to start.

Beach homes
Let’s bring in some color!! Teal, coral, blue and orange. How do we add these pops of color to our home?

Outside, you can add some multi-colored seating, cushions and most definitely a hammock. Here are some tips for arranging an amazing outdoor patio/paradise according to Meg Braff of Coastal Living April 2016.

Patio layout

  1. Use a darker color on the bottom cushion for hiding dirt and stains. Pop lighter colors and print with throw pillows which are easily removed when storms come up. Try to repeat these colors through out your outdoor oasis.
  2. Add a few deep seated chairs for comfort and a cozy place to read the Just Carina Blog (shameless plug) or have a glass of wine with friends. I recommend a tasty Sangria.
  3. Don’t forget to add table tops for a place to put down your beverage, wireless speaker or your electronic device. Switch it up between wood, plastic or metal tables.
  4.  To make things even for cozier, throw in an outdoor rug that matches your color costal theme.

*I would add to this more plants like ferns or even better a planter full of mosquito repellent plants. Having some outdoor shells with citronella candela would be perfect!

Moving inside your humble abode, try adding a few costal signs around your home. For example, a welcome sign, or a coffee sign, maybe a bathroom sign and of course the “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” sign, all made with distressed wood and costal colors.

Beach Signs 2

Next, whether it’s inside or out of your Paradise Cove, adding sea creatures will not only reminds you of warmer days, but give the feel of the warm sand and water between your toes.
Star Fish

A little warning, only a few sea friends allowed! You don’t want to be out numbered if King Triton comes to the door or the appearance of a crazy cat lady turned Little Mermaid. Keep that secret cave in the movie!


Another texture to add would definitely be rattan or wicker. Nothing says beach like an awesome chaise lounge!!

This could be used outside during tanning months, then brought in for indoor tanning (when the sun is too far south to keep temps above the 70’s).

So I leave you for now with this image. I can’t wait to go walking on the beach, in the sand during a beautiful sunset.

Beach stroll

Just Carina

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