My Lovely Garden

So, I FINALLY got my garden done!!!  And, I love love love it!  I love having amazing fresh herbs for my picking!  Here are some photos of my success.  Can you tell I am rather proud of myself???

A quick photo of my just constructed raised garden as I layer the bottom with cardboard and fill with organic dirt.  Love those peppers, tomatoes and look at those green sweet bell peppers!!


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Here are some other inhabitants of my garden.  I can honestly tell you, NOTHING is better than fresh cilantro.  WOW!!!

unless of course you are fresh mint for my yummy vodka lemonade.  🙂  The blueberries were hand picked by me and members of my family at a local farm.  OMG, it was a lot of fun!!  We got all sorts of different foods.

And below, here I am next to my pride and joy.  I walk out daily and say hello to my lovely hard work.  I do want to know that some of the plants here were purchased from Home Depot, some I grew from seeds, and some (lettuce) I grew in a bowl of water.



Just Carina

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