We’re Hiring!

Lilly Pulitzer, Missoni, Toms, sound familiar? Target could have picked any high-end brand to be their first DESIGNER beauty brand partner!  The picked Beautycounter.

According to Forbes, “Target is hoping that a short-run makeup line will tap into the magic of its most SUCCESSFUL designer events, such as the Missoni and Lilly Pulitzer collections, which cultivate an aura of specialness via scarcity, whip shoppers up into a frenzy, and sell out in a New York minute.”

We are already seeing sales soaring!  This partnership is for a very limited time.  It will shine a huge spotlight on our brand, helping us get out our story and bringing us one step closer to get safe products into the hands of everyone!

 Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Business insiders would agree.  This is the perfect time to LAUNCH your own business and our team would love to give you the tools to help you get started!  You never know!  This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for, so why wait?  Send me a message to find out more about how to start your own business.  No strings or pressure.
#targetstyle #Betterbeauty


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