Amazing Pet Towel & Pet Mitt

New Fall Products.png

Check out our amazing products from Norwex!!  Have a pet?  These two items are a must have!!  You can check out our whole product line here:


Winter is coming and so is wet, muddy, stinky doggy feet!    I know I am going to be using the Pet Towel AND Pet Mitt to help keep the mess to a minimum.  The Pet Towel is ultra-absorbant and has pockets  for you to slip your hands to help you dry off your wiggly best friend with ease.  Towel contains the BackLock agent to help keep the towel fresh and drying fast for less laundering and repeat use.

NOW the Pet Mitt!  Well, how wouldn’t want this??  Use the mitt wet and it gently cleans your pet, removing dirt into the extra-absorbant microfibers.  Use dry to remove “loose” hair (on thank goodness from a white shedding dog owner). Stitching between fingers for added control.  Keep by your back door for wiping and drying of muddy paws.

Here is a photo of my furry friends….


Having an awesome sale that ends today!  Check out my Facebook Page for the offer!!!


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